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Episode 5 – At age 25, Rocky Braat bought a one-way ticket to  India to serve the poor. He landed in a home for HIV-positive orphans and fell in love with the kids there. As they aged out of the home, Rocky raised the money and created the programs to provide vocational, health, education and life skills support that are otherwise denied to poor kids with HIV and AIDS.

This podcast is the real deal on finding your path as a young person, committing to a definite mission, and fulfilling that mission with energy, humor, and creativity. You will be inspired and encouraged to hear about Rocky's journey and be up to date on current opportunities and challenges.

You might want to watch the trailer for Blood Brother, the award-winning documentary about Rocky and his work prior to hearing the podcast. The full movie can be seen via Amazon Prime and iTunes. 

Rocky’s Website: LightPartnership.org

Trailer for Rocky's Book of Photography:  I Was Always Beautiful

(Special offer for those donating $50 or more to Light partnership.org: Your own copy of "I Was Always Beautiful". Simply mention this offer.)



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