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Episode 3 – Interview with Doug King, CEO of Presence, a global non-profit based in Greater Atlanta. Doug is an accomplished teacher, writer, philosopher and influencer of leaders, especially in the religious world. He connects the dots between our spiritual, work, and community lives, using the biblical narrative. 

Doug and I talk about recognizing and breaking down personal and organizational barriers to change. We have a very practical discussion on such topics as:

  • Journeying from teen years to our eighties, from rigid faith and societal structures to real freedom and power, spiritually.  (8:00)
  • Overcoming constraints in the marriage relationship.  (30:15)
  • Career development secrets and practices?  (37:00)
  • Finding Presence in our daily lives? (52:00)
  • What is Post-Christian and why should I care? (58:17)

Doug’s Website: Presence.tv

Doug’s contact info: info@presence.tv

Free Offering: Seven Part Series on History of World Views                                                                                 

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