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Episode 7 – interview with Senator Mike Gravel. In 1956, a recent college grad, Mike Gravel drove his brother’s car from Springfield, Mass. to Anchorage, Alaska. Twelve years later, he was elected to the U.S. Senate and embarked on two terms as a maverick player in the Vietnam, Watergate era. 

At 88, Mike candidly reflects on key life transitions and experiences, and the learnings along the way. He also discusses his latest book and life in his eighties. 


**Since this podcast was recorded, Senator Gravel has announced his entering the 2020 Presidential race. You can read about it here.

1:17:31 - Senator Gravel gives a primer on Direct Democrary and presents his proposal to empower all citizens as lawmakers through two Constitutional amendments: The National Citizen's Initiative and the Legislative Procedures Act.

1:58:00 - Keys to a powerful retirement. Living a full life through the eighties!


“A Man for Alaska” Campaign film

2008 Primary debate clips

Twitter: @MikeGravel

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