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Episode 6 – At an early age, Steve Staten was fascinated with all things science and technology.  His interests, educational path, a future profession were set. Then life happened, and a spiritual experience turned him from engineering to ministry.

Now, a trainer, speaker, and organizational consultant, Steve is engaged with all types of organizations and teams to achieve breakthroughs in performance and culture. He brings his natural curiosity, unique perspective, and love of history in writing, "The Art of the Breakthrough, Collaborating on Audacious Undertakings". Steve is smart, passionate, and brings a style all his own. 

We cover such topics as:

Can Faith and Science really get along? 3:29

The Power of Mentors (at every age) 8:44

Making professional transition at 50? 15:00

How humans can come together to accomplish great things? 36:37

How do we get our own book written? 49:00

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Link to Steve's Book

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